Mallory Brown

Student Life Editor

Why did you enroll in Publications Yearbook and what do you hope to take away from the class?

I enrolled because I had so much fun last year with the team we had and I want other people to experience it too. I hope to take away good leadership and communication skills because those will be helpful the future.

What does your online learning space look like? What do you have to have with you when learning online?

I have a portable mini desk that I bring with me wherever I am doing class, whether its in my bedroom or my living room. I normally have my cat or one of my dogs around me. I like to have a note book with me because if I need to write something down, I can.

What are your plans for the future?

My plan for the future is to go to college, get my degree for teaching, and graduate. After that I will see where life wants to take me. I hope to work at a high school teaching English and Language Arts to the high school kids.