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Nov 20

Senior Portraits

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March 20

Senior Tribute Ads Submit Here

​Using a professional photographer who specializes in senior photos best ensures quality printing in the yearbook. 


During the course of the year, many measures are taken by student yearbook editors to acquire portraits and prevent mistakes


Some responsibility is placed upon individual senior students to adhere to our process and to verify the accuracy of their portrait submission.


Layouts of all senior portrait pages are posted in the rotunda for seniors to verify for accuracy.


Bay Port Yearbook cannot be held accountable for missing portraits and will not refund or correct any inaccuracies.

Tribute Grad Ads are a way for parents and guardians to purchase space in the  back of the yearbook for a special message and congratulations.

If interested in purchasing a Tribute Grad Ad, visit You will be asked to register, design, and pay for your ad space directly.

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April 20

Then & Now

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The senior "Then & Now" page features submitted recreated photos of seniors from "then" to "now."


Submissions can be individual recreations or group shots. Not all submissions may be used depending on number and space in the yearbook.